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Direct Download Cydia

You can directly download cydia here. Once you click the download button cydia will install on your device. So read this carefully before installing.

It is awesome that you do not need to jailbreak your loving iDevice to install cydia. But if you jailbreak it you will get all the amazing functions of cydia. So first try without jailbreaking.


** Make sure that you try this with your iDevice. If not, please bookmark us now and come back with your iDevice.

Why Cydia

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Cydia App Store

The best app store apps for free. Thousands of developers are writing apps only for cydia app store. Make iDevice useful by using cydia apps.

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Easy Installation

You just need to give a simple tap to install cydia. It is really cool to use cydia without much worries.

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Cydia Tweaks

You might heard about tweaks. Change your dock, swipe to open settings, customize buttons, customize messages and many more.

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Best free support

With cydia you can have 24x7 free support to solve your cydia related issues. Support teams are there for whenever you need it badly.

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Ever thought about file access in iDevice. It is really cool you can access files using iFile. Why not to install cydia?

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Love drawing.? Stride let you draw your password as you want. It is very simple to unlock iDevice by drawing password.

Cydia Guide

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Cydia for iPhone / iPad / iPod

Apple iOS    Martin    22 April 2014    68    9   

You can directly download cydia here. Please come to this web site through your apple iOS based device. When you click the download button cydia will install to your device.
Cydia helps you to customize your iPhone as you want. You cannot say this is an iPhone, if you do not have cydia installed on it.

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Cydia for Android

Android    Johnny    03 May 2014    34    3   

Cydia is available for android as well. But it is only a demo application which gives basic idea to android users about cydia. It is freely available in Google play store. You can download it here.
Download Cydia for Android